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Navy - 1st & 2nd Naval Division

The Navy is responsible for providing the primary flight capability for ARMD operations.  As 1st division we are expected to lead the way in developing ARMD’s warfighting capabilities to provide fleet support for combat and merchant operations.  Regardless of whether you’re a crewman on a Connie’ or leading a fleet from the bridge of an Idris, you are integral to the fighting capability of the division.  We set the standard; we lead by example.

Marines - 3rd Division - Marine Corp

The ARMD Marine Forces were designed to take care of things, period. Using the full weight of the best flight, heavy and personal weapons, the Marines are personally responsible for seeing the objective through and delivering the ARMD message face to face.

Merchant Navy - 4th Division - Merchant Navy

This Division is the non-military Division of ARMD and has a large area of needs to fill. These needs cover most of ARMD’s legal forms of making money. For this reason we are a little different to the other Divisions in ARMD on many levels. In this pack you will see the different areas that the Division Specialises in, the direction that the Division is looking to take and what roles we would like filled in the Division. So let’s look a little deeper into the experience that we can offer you here in Division 4.

Mission Statement

Facilitation of profitable outcomes for our clients through superior military and resource services, innovation, quality, and commitment.

A. Arena Tournaments. ARMD will compete in arena tournaments to re-establish or name as a premier fighting organisation and to use prize money to further develop our capability.

B. Lawless Space. ARMD will seek to establish an area of control within unrecognised, or lawless, space. This will also allow ARMD to establish a secondary base of operations outside UEE limitations on military installations. This will be established at a nexus point between Vanduul, Banu, Xi’An, and the UEE.

C. Contract Military. Within our moral and economic limitations ARMD will engage in contracts to private individuals, private and publicly held companies, and military organisations for the protection, or capturing, of assets. 

D. Self Sufficiency. In order to prevail ARMD must develop a manufacturing and logistics chain to support our operations and provide income stream to offset periods between contracts.

Chain of Command

The chain of command has been established to provide leadership and organizational control. Promotions are made based on merit, commitment, and acceptance of responsibility; those in rank have proved themselves to be promoted. Members are expected to respect rank regardless of their personal feelings.


Individual members of the ARMD have been given specific responsibilities and it is expected that they be afforded respect and their orders followed in the execution of their assigned duties.


Once an order is given, they are to be executed without delay, unless you are specifically prevented from doing so. The loss of personal assets is not an acceptable excuse for failure to follow orders.


All members of ARMD are required to complete communications training. This is considered a prerequisite for promotion beyond initial recruitment. Correct use of communications is critical to any successful engagement and bad communications could lead to a loss of assets and loss of life. Failure to abide by communications protocols will result in disciplinary action.


Further training requirements are at the discretion of the Captain(or equivalent) for that element.

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