ARMD Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

·        This Code of Conduct supersedes all previous Codes of Conduct as of May 2014.

·        It is the responsibility of the individual to be aware of and have read this Code of Conduct.

·        Individuals may withdraw their membership at any time if they feel that they cannot abide by this Code of Conduct.

·        All Members consent to accept and abide by this Code of Conduct when signing into the ARMD website or when flying ARMD insignia’s in game.

·        Breaches of ARMD’s Code of Conduct will result in a warning and/or counselling.

·        Serious and/or continuous breaches may result in removal from ARMD.

It is important to remember Australians have a rather unique sense of humour within our culture, and that some other cultures do not behave as a lot of Australians do. A lot of what we consider friendly “mucking about”, e.g.; religious jokes, innuendo, etc, is not considered acceptable or polite behaviour to others. Be aware that you are on display to the whole world and that some other cultures, or even other members, may find elements of your sense of humour offensive or inappropriate.

In teams of mixed players (i.e., people from different parts of the world and/or other gaming units/clans/guilds), ALL ARMD members are required to adhere to this Code of Conduct.
Section 1
Forums, (Inc ALL Social media) Teamspeak (Discord) and Ingame

·        1-1 As a member, you represent ARMD and appropriate behaviour is required at all times.
– Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
– This includes (but is not limited to) slander, harassment, racism, sexism, bigotry, profanity, or any illicit behaviour.

·        1-2 All members are to behave in a civilised, courteous, helpful, and respectful manner at all times.
– Treat people how you wish them to treat you.

·        1-3 All members are to show respect and tolerance for one another’s race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.

·        1-4 Conflicts between members are expected to be resolved between the two parties in a respectful and considerate manner.
– If mediation is required the matter may be brought to the attention of your respective game officers (MWO/SC/Other) or ARMD’s Directors.
– Officers and Directors have the right to intervene directly in serious matters.

·        1-5 The following types of posts and online behaviours are NOT acceptable:
– Flaming; Personal attacks and/or posts which are deliberately designed to personally berate or insult another.
– Trolling; Messages in chat or posts that are deliberately designed for the purpose of angering and insulting the members of the forum community.
– Cheating & Hacking; Will not be tolerated. If you are caught you will immediately removed from ARMD.
– Pornography. (Includes links to pornography or anything lewd). Nothing inappropriate. Keep it family friendly.
– Profanities (Swearing). There’s no need on the forum. Keep it clean. TS and Gaming see below.
– Derisive comments (of people’s ideas, opinions or posts).
– Raging. There will be no posting of material that incites any form of hatred or anger.

·        1-6 ARMD is a military styled unit with a defined chain of command. Please respect the rank structure at all times.

·        1-7 Access to the Forums will initially be restricted.
– The reason for this is that other teams will have members join up for no other reason than to gain intel on us.
– ARMD-HQ Members Area is not available to any member below the rank of Pvt. (i.e., Rct and Cdt).

·        1-8 Whilst membership with ARMD and other clans/guilds/units is accepted, individual access to ARMD’s forums may be restricted in order to maintain a level of privacy.

Section 2
Non ARMD Forums (Inc ALL Social Media)

·        2-1 If you are displaying a forum Signature Tag (either official ARMD or any other that implies association with ARMD) on any non-ARMD forums, such as MWO, you are considered as being a representative of ARMD. As such everything you say has the potential to be viewed as representative of ARMD. ALL comments on any forum anywhere that can be associated with ARMD in any way, must be in line with this CoC.
– If you need to vent, please remove your forum Signature Tag and post as an individual. (Generally, this will remove the Tag from all your posts).
– Signature Tags shall not be replaced whilst any forum posts are in breach of this CoC.

·        2-2 Alternatively you are free to post under an ALT that is not associated with ARMD, and in a manner that does not implicate ARMD or negatively affect ARMD’s standing within the greater gaming community.

Section 3
Teamspeak (Discord) and Gaming

·        3-1 All members/TS users should keep swearing to an absolute minimum. Be aware that many members have families with young children and may be using speakers instead of headphones. The occasional slip will be tolerated, excessive swearing will NOT. You will be warned once then removed from channel if the warning is not heeded. Extreme circumstances may result in a temporary or even permanent ban from ARMD’s Teamspeak (Discord) server.

·        3-2 All members should make an effort to control their anger whilst ingame and/or on Teamspeak (Discord). We all understand that games can be frustrating at times and that frustration may boil over into anger, however your team mates should not have to tolerate excessive anger and/or bad behaviour. If the game is getting to you then realise this and remove yourself until you have calmed down or you will be removed.

·        3-3 Respect for the chain of command is essential for a cohesive unit. Please use it to put forward ideas or report problems that may arise.

·        3-4 When ingame, the Drop Commander [DC], Lance Leader [LL], or other group/team leader, has full command over all players in the game for the match; irrespective of what rank they may be.
– Please respect team leader and follow their orders.
– This in game chain of command is to be supported by any team member whose rank is higher than the [DC] or [LL].

·        3-5 COMMS Discipline is mandatory in all serious 4 and 12 man drops, and private matches/games unless relaxed by the [DC] or [LL].
– Casual 4’s are exempt, however excessive chatter may annoy your teammates, especially if it drowns out commands or important information.

·        3-6 DO NOT talk over people.

·        3-7 DO NOT incessantly talk off topic in the battle channels, there are different rooms for chatting. Most people like a bit of banter but they hate having to listen to someone’s unending drivel. If someone tells you to give your mouth a rest, take the hint, especially if they are of a higher rank. If you want to talk about Facebook or other erroneous banter, please take it to the Naughty Boys Corner.

·        3-8 DO NOT game in an ARMD group whilst intoxicated. If you want to have a stack of alcohol and game, please do so out of group and with your mic turned off if you are in our TS (Discord) channel.
– Exceptions made for specific, organised events.

·        3-9 Use the chain of command for anything important good or bad. Poke (on TS or Discord) or PM (on forum) a Senior NCO if you have something worthwhile to contribute and they will push it up the line if need be.

·        3-10 It is the responsibility of all members LCpl and above to welcome any new members/guests to the ARMD channel. If you see someone in the Zenith Jump Point and they are unknown to us please greet them or notify an NCO or Officer. We are having quite a few people joining ARMD and we would like them to feel welcome from the start.

·        3-11 If a member is not acting according to the Standing Orders in Teamspeak (Discord), they will be pulled aside and asked to comply. If the member does not heed the request, they will be kicked from the server for the night.

Once you have read this Code of Conduct, please state your agreement to accept and abide by this Code of Conduct.

Refusal to agree to abide by this Code of Conduct or a false declaration may result in:
– Suspension of access to this forum.
– Removal from ARMD.